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KAMATECH s.r.l. adopts the Quality management system certified according to international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

The management has decided to adopt a quality management system in order to achieve the following objectives:
  • CONFIDENCE that Kamatech S.r.l. must generate and maintain for the development of constructive technical-commercial relationships with Customers and suppliers and to motivate the company's human resources;
  • KNOW the Customer's needs and exceed their expectations;
  • MAINTAIN high flexibility;
  • TRANSPARENCY as a constant in the ethical conduct of business;
  • TEAM SPIRIT as a factor of cohesion to obtain an overall efficient and effective activity e to generate a corporate culture consistent with the mission;
  • QUALITY understood in the most complete sense as an indispensable condition for guaranteeing a high quality standard of the products and services offered;
  • INNOVATION to be applied not only to optimize the offer but also in the management of resources, in the internal organization and in the approach to the market;
  • CARE OF THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT to continue to ensure the safety and protection of the natural environment;
  • COMPLIANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS as a commitment to their satisfaction;
  • Continuous IMPROVEMENT of its management system;
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as a factor of primary importance, reachable through effective, adequate and timely communication.
  • SAFETY AND TRAINING OF WORKERS in continuous and constant updating to achieve the pre-established corporate objectives.
For this reason, the General Management of Kamatech S.r.l., through courses and meetings, ensures that, as stated above, both at all levels of the company including, implemented and above all supported. The General Management, for its part, undertakes to periodically review its Quality Policy to ensure its continued suitability.

The General Management.

Certificate With the initials ISO 9000, a series of regulations and guidelines developed by the organization are identified International Standardization Organization (ISO - International Organization for Standardization) which they define the requirements for implementing a quality management system within an organization, in order to conduct business processes, improve effectiveness and efficiency and in the implementation of product and service delivery, obtaining and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Certificate of Conformity of the Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 can be viewed and downloaded by click here
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WIRE 2024
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